The Comanche weren't really big flag users. They rather preferred war shields, which were more durable and which could be actively utilized in killing people. The ever-industrious John Rayner, whose ancestors came to know all too well that white people will roll right over you and put their flags all over your shit if you don't first, set out to change that. At the Sun Dance gathering, Rayner attempted to learn the native sign language that was used between tribes with different dialects.


    The sign for 'Shoshone' was a snakelike movement, and the sign for 'Comanche' was the reverse - a snake slithering backwards. With the snake motif in mind, Rayner designed this flag for the joint Comanche/Freedmen forces. At this point, it is not in wide use.





    Many of the Germans who make up the population of the Deutsch colonies were revolutionaries who fled after the 1848 rebellions collapsed. Between that and the fact that many of the Germans in the colonies were from different German nations, the use of the pan-Germanic tricolor seemed more than appropriate.


    But how to give it that unique, Texian Deutsch feel ? Hey, put a snake on it! No one's done that bef-aww, damn. Well, what animal represents the cunning and strong defenses of the Deutsch colonies, an animal that can survive in the rocky heights of the Hill Country, something that would strike terror into the heart of the colonies' opponents? Only the animal they called panzerschwein.


    le SAVIEZ VOUS ?

    parmi tous les EUROPEENS qui se sont installés dans le NOUVEAU MONDE
    ( l'AMERIQUE, pour ceux qui ne le savent pas ).... des COLONIES d'européens, britanniques, Français, scandinaves; Italiens..beaucoup de repris de justice aussi

    et des ALLEMANDS !

    Beaucoup d'Allemands qui composent la population des colonies ALLEMANDES en Amérique, étaient révolutionnaires qui ont fui après 1848 rébellions en Europe... assez !

    Beaucoup d'Allemands qui arrivèrent dans les colonies étaient de différentes régions allemandes, et l'utilisation du drapeau tricolore pan-germanique semblait plus approprié.

    Mais comment lui donner cette unique aspect " Texian Deutsch" le savez-vous ?

    Hey, mettre un serpent sur le drapeau !

    Personne ne l'a fait que bef-aww, Mince !

    Eh bien, quel animal représente les défenses rusés et forts des colonies Deutsch - allemandes ? un animal qui peut survivre dans les hauteurs rocheuses du Hill Country, somethingthat serait semer la terreur dans le cœur des adversaires des colonies?

    Seulement l'animal Ils ont appelé panzerschwein.

















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